Black Bear

The Sawtooth area is located in an ideal habitat for black bears.

The BC government commissioned a recent study to identify the location of high quality habitats that are rich in bear food and other ecological requirements. Both of our areas received the highest rating for its ability to support black and grizzly bears.

We consistently achieve 90+% success rate on these bruins, with a good percentage of cinnamon and other color phase bears. You are allowed to take 2 bears on this hunt.

We hunt by spot and stalk method and occasionally use predator calls. We use horses and ATVs to access a number of drainages and avalanche areas.

In the spring, we hunt alpine grass slides that have been cleared by avalanches in the winter and sprout tender grass in the spring. The bears, fresh out of their winter dens, aggressively seek out this nutrient rich food. Some days, you can view up to 10 bears per day! Stalking a big black bear makes for a very exciting hunt.

We have also been fortunate to team up with one of the best houndsman in the region – Ryan Berard – and offer hound hunting for bears. Ryan’s passion is using hounds to hunt for bears and other predators and has many years experience in leading successful hunts for black bear, . He also takes great pride in his pack of hounds, which are extremely well trained. He also breeds and trains hound pups which he sells to other outfitters and enthusiasts in North America. Bottom line, he is a guide that eats sleeps and breathes hound hunting.

Ryan spends hours each day on and off season training his team of hounds. He keeps them in top shape by running them for several miles each day. Ryan is also one of the first called when conservation officers in Southeastern BC need help on hunting down a problem bear or cougar that represents a danger to the local community. All of this ensures that the dog team is in top shape, and have honed senses for picking out and pursuing the bears.

You have the option of booking a hound-only bear hunt, or, if available can add hound hunting for a day or two as part of a spot and stalk hunt (an extra fee applies). Many hunters who try hound hunting for a day get immediately hooked. Watching the expert hounds do their magic and becoming part of their team is increadibly exciting. Please call to inquire about availability and fees for hound hunting for bears.

With moderate weather, snowcapped mountains and sounds of spring, this is a beautiful time to be in the mountains — and a great cure-all for the pangs of withdrawal suffered at the end of the previous year’s fall’s hunt. And with long days, our clients generally like to hunt early morning and evening, and rest or go fishing during the day.

In the fall, you can hunt bear by itself, or in combination with Elk, Moose, Deer, or Mountain Goat.

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